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Migration Guide

This page helps to migrate from JeKa 0.10 to Jeka 0.11

Command line and wrapper

Command line has been unified : jekaw has been replaced by jeka only.

The thing is that the wrapper is now entirely included in the shell scripts.

The jeka.version is now located in file along other properties.

Project Structure

jeka dir nested level has been suppressed in favor of a flat structure.

Also the entire wrapper is contained inside shell scripts so we don't need the jeka/wrapper dir anymore.

  • jeka/def dir -> jeka-src
  • jeka/output -> jeka-output
  • jeka/.work -> .jeka-work
  • jeka/ ->
  • jekaw.bat -> jeka.ps1
  • jekaw -> jeka
  • jeka/project-dependencies.txt -> dependencies.txt
  • jeka/project-libs dir -> libs

Major API Change

  • KBean classes now are suffixed with KBean instead of 'JkBean' (e.g. ProjectKBean)
  • JkBean.getBean()-> KBean.load()


  • jeka.classpath.inject-> jeka.inject.classpath
  • KBean reference has changed from myKbean#xxx to

Command Line

  • KBean reference can be used for many invoke and notation has changed for myKBean# to myKBean:

Example: project#pack project#tests.skip=true

Is now : project: pack tests.skip=true

  • Use jeka --help for command line help starting point