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You don't need to install JeKa to build projects that have JeKa shell scripts in their Git repository.

Nevertheless, this is convenient to have it installed for invoking it easily from everywhere.

MacOS and Linux

Execute :

curl -sL | $(echo $0) -s - install check


For installing and running JeKa, bash, curl, and unzip are required. This is generally the case for macOS and most Linux distributions. If any of these tools are missing, you can install them on Ubuntu by executing apt-get update && apt-get install -y curl unzip.


Execute in PowerShell :

iex "& { $(iwr -useb } install check"

Manual installation

The manual installation is straightforward and may help when script installation fails.

  • Download latest JeKa distrib from maven central and download file named
  • Unzip the content of the zip file and copy the content of 'bin' directory to an arbitrary directory ([USER HOME]/.jeka/bin for instance)
  • Add this directory to your PATH environment variable.

Post Install

Installation via script may include a sanity check that triggers a JDK download (cause of the 'check' argument passed to the install script)

Once installed, you will rarely need to upgrade, as JeKa will execute the JeKa version specified in the application to run. However, you'll be able to upgrade your base install by executing jeka-update command.

Open a new terminal session and execute jeka --help to access JeKa help.