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I'm behind a firewall that prevent me to access to Maven central, what should I do ?

Define the property in your USER_HOME/.jeka/ file Alternatively, you can define the JEKA_REPOS_DOWNLOAD environment variable.

See here for more details.

I'm behind a proxy, how should I configure Jeka ?

JeKa just leverages the standard Java mechanism to handle proxy. For example, You can :

  • Set the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable as -Dhttps.proxyPort=8888
  • Or specify proxy properties to the jeka command line, as : -Dhttps.proxyPort=8888

See here for more details on arguments.

Can def classes be hosted in a separate project than the build code ?

Yes. If you prefer for your Jeka code to lie in a distinct project, create a Jeka project in a sibling folder and mention where is located to the build project.

Path projectPath = this.baseDir().resolve("../myProject");   

How can I use Maven or Gradle in conjunction with JeKa in Intellij ?

Maven, Gradle and other build tools manage the intellij dependencies integration by their own. This means that JeKa can interfere with this tool by generating .iml files in the module supposed by this tool.

The solution consist in creating an intellij module at [myproject]/jeka location. For this :

  • Add intellij#dedicatedJekaModule=true in file [myproject]/jeka/
  • Run jeka intellij#iml in working dir [myproject] : this will generate a [myproject]/jeka/myproject-jeka.iml file
  • Go to menu **Project structure..."
  • Edit [myproject] module to remove jeka/def from Test Source Folders
  • Import new module by selecting [myproject]/jeka/myproject-jeka.iml

That's it. You can now work with Jeka as usual, still using [myproject] as working dir.

My JkClass does not compile, so I can't invoke any Jeka method as 'scaffold#run'. What can I do ?

Use -dci option in command line.

How can I migrate from Maven ?

Jeka helps translate all dependencies declared in a Maven project into the equivalent Java code.

Assuming Maven is already installed and there is a pom.xml file at the root of the project, execute jeka maven#migrateToCode or jeka maven#migrateToDependencies.txt to display Java code/configuration to copy-paste in a build class or dependencies.txt file..


How can I choose the JDK used to compile ?

Jeka uses the JDK it is running on to compile production or test code. If code must be compiled on a another JDK version, you can specify JDK path for different version. Simply mention it as option, for example in your [JEKA HOME]/ file.


This way, if one of your project source code is declared to be in a specific Java version, the relevant JDK version will be picked up automatically.

How can I use Eclipse compiler in Jeka ?

Jeka can use any JSR199 Java compiler to compile your Java code. Just set the compiler instance you need as :

import org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.tool.EclipseCompiler;

public class Build extends JkBean {

    project.compilation.compiler.setCompilerTool(new EclipseCompiler());

How can I generate Eclipse/Intellij without using ProjectJkBean ?

Just make your KBean class implement JkJavaIdeSupport.