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File Management


File manipulation is a central part for building software. Jeka embraces JDK7 java.nio.file API by adding some concepts around, to provide a powerful fluent style API performing recurrent tasks with minimal effort.

The following classes lie in dev.jeka.core.api.file package:

  • JkPathFile A simple wrapper for files (not folders). It provides copying, interpolation, checksum, deletion and creation methods.

  • JkPathSequence An Immutable sequence of java.nio.file.Path providing methods for filtering or appending.

  • JkPathMatcher An immutable java.nio.file.PathMatcher based on java.nio.file glob pattern or regerxp. Used by JkPathTree to filter in/out files according name patterns.

  • JkPathTree An Immutable root folder along a PathMatcher providing operations to copy, navigate, zip or iterate. This is a central class in Jeka API.

  • JkZipTree Same as JkPathTree but using a zip file instead of a directory. It allows to manipulate a zip file as a regular folder.

  • JkPathTreeSet An Immutable set of JkPathTree. Helpful to define set of sources/resources and create jar/zip files.

  • JkResourceProcessor A mutable processor for copying a set of files, preserving the structure and replacing some text by other text. Typically, used for replacing token as ${server.ip} by an actual value.


// creates a file and writes the content of the specified url.

// copies all non java source files to another directory preserving structure
JkPathTree.of("src").andMatching(false, "**/*.java").copyTo("build/classes");

// One liner to zip an entire directory